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What is the Sacred Heart Institute?

Sacred Heart Institute

A lay apostolate faithful to the Pontifical and Universal Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church, providing materials and support to Catholics worldwide regarding the Sacred Heart Devotion. It brings together speakers and topics to explore the relevance, history and application of the Sacred Heart Devotion and promote constructive and confident change in family and society. It seeks in all times and places the authentic restoration of Jesus Christ as King of culture, society and life.

The Sacred Heart Institute has been established to promote first and foremost religious and moral education and secondarily works of charity under the aegis of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Educational projects on Catholic principles are carried out through talks and seminars, as well as through the sale of CD's, DVD's and books promoting Roman Catholic principles, especially its values of family life and youth formation in the context of Catholic Action.

The Institute's purpose is exclusively charitable comprising the religious and moral education of youth and adults, the relief of poverty to the elderly, women and children and any other purpose beneficial to society within the meaning of the Internal Revenue code 1986, sections 170(c), 501(c), 2055(a) and 2522(a).

What is the Sacred Heart Legion?

Sacred Heart Legion
Recall the Promises. Rekindle the fervor. Reconquer the nations.

The Sacred Heart Legion is a network of friends and supporters of the Institute who unite as individuals, families or parishes to find confident and constructive ways of restoring the Sacred Heart as King.

A grassroots movement of Catholics united by a single vision: the re-Enthronement and consecration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as King of families, individuals and society.  Strengthened by the 12 Promises, it is an effective means of change and improvement by the conscious request for Christ to enter into and direct lives, relationship and futures.

The Sacred Heart Legion was launched during the octave of the Feast of the Sacred Heart in June 2007 at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Harleigh, PA), by the international Lay Apologist and EWTN Host, Raymond de Souza.

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