Sacred Heart Institute

Overview of the Sacred Heart Legion



Formed and equipped by the Sacred Heart Institute, the Sacred Heart Legion is a grassroots association of members who unite as individuals, families or parishes to find confident and constructive ways of restoring Christ as King through a deeper and more relevant understanding of His 12 Promises.

Sacred Heart Legions form in any and every environment as a unit sensitive to the needs and interests of its community and culture. Either as individual members or as a unit, every Legionís tactical intent is to encourage the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in all possible homes, businesses and locations.

We work for the revival and development of an authentic and consistent way of life stemming from the Heart of our Savior and guided by His teachings. Through the two aspects of Outreach and Prayer, members ignite the fires of love of God in their hearts and share it with family and friends.

The Sacred Heart Legion combines Members, Ambassadors and Reserves who strive to live the values of fidelity, integrity and perseverance. With the common Cause of the restoration of the Sacred Heart uniting all the members, we can count on the mercy, strength and help of our King Commander Jesus Christ, Who desires loving and personal union with mankind in all times and places.

Do you want to develop spiritual strength, gain knowledge about the Faith and improve your skills in evangelization? We are here to help you take the next step toward success. Learn how you can join the Sacred Heart Legion and rekindle the healing and binding Love of Christ in your life, home and family.



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