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Welcome to the powerhouse of the Church. Through deep, personal union with God, the Virgin Mary and the saints, you will attract the mercy and motivating power of God like lightning rods. Through you, the Sacred Heart Legion will be sustained and encouraged by grace and divine intervention. By joining the Reserves, you are letting the rest of the Legion know that you have their back.

Reserves have instant access to online materials and prayers. Your training comes straight from the Sacred Heart Itself. Through consistent and repeated contact, Christ Our Lord infuses the graces of perseverance and ease in communicating with Him. Reserves develop a stronger love of God, a deeper sense of self and a burning desire to pray for souls and rekindle family, friends and parish with the love of the Sacred Heart.

Reserves pray for all Legion members and the Intensive Prayer Unit as often as possible: in Holy Mass, in Holy Hours, in private devotion, in Rosary prayer circles, in Prayer Meetings. 

Night Adoration

Night Adoration

Apart from the monthly Holy Hour of Reparation, Prayer Reserves understand the beauty and importance of Night Adoration, where they can spend any hour of their choosing in a Vigil with the Sacred Heart. 

The same devotion and approach to the First Friday Holy Hour also applies to those willing to do more to console the Sacred Heart and express deeper love for Him. Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, the Apostle of the Sacred Heart, encouraged devotees to take an hour on a Thursday evening or during the night, keeping Our Lord company in remembrance of the time when no one was willing to wait one hour with Him.

Read more about the First Friday Devotion.

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"We are committed to prayer for all who entrust their intentions to the de Souza family because we are united with them almost daily at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass."

Mother Marija, OCD. 
Holy Annunciation Monastery
Sacred Heart