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Raymond speaks on 30+ topics in four languages!  Book him to come defend faith and family anywhere! More information, and a list of seminar topics here!

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Presented by Raymond de Souza, EWTN Program Host and Director of the Sacred Heart Institute, three crucial talks:

  • De-Christianization exposing social, moral and political breakdown as denounced by Pope Benedict XVI.
  • The 12 Promises an overview of their relevance and impact.
  • The True Devotion our response as Catholics.

This seminar can be booked in any of four languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese.

The Sacred Heart Seminar Series intends to

  • create interest within the United States for a revival in the Sacred Heart Devotion
  • generate interest in the World Congress Series
  • generate interest for the Sacred Heart Legion to empower individuals and groups

Since many will be unable to attend the World Congresses, this Seminar Series is intended to generate greater interest in the relevance and understanding of the Sacred Heart.

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